Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ring necked duck

A new month a new tick ring necked duck was up for grabs at whitlingham c p Norwich .
Its next to the swan.
great northen diver fantastic . also red necked grebe , scaup , smew , goosander .
what a day

The birding buzz has started again

A new year and already 1 new tick starting with a superb spotted sandpiper at abberton rev , no camera but luckily others had and got some great shots
I wanted more ticks but soon realised it was'nt that easy I went to barton broad norfolk and dipped a ferruginous duck but did see a bitten being carried by a fox then to my suprise 2 otters on the ice .
out again for tick 2 a serin at rainham for the 5th time and got lucky

along with short eared owl
I was out again for red breasted goose (tick 3) , pale breasted brent goose (tick 4) a 4 mile walk at wallasea island (no photos ).Then back to rainham to see 2 tundra bean goose (tick 5) . A great day
what a month


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