Thursday, September 28, 2017

The local Juv red necked grebe

As the news of a local red necked grebe in Roding valley meadows NR come out
Not many local birders could resist 
And who could blame them ,what a great looking bird and although it could of been closer I was more than happy to see it .


Monday, September 11, 2017

Wryneck at Kessingland

On a weekend break at Kessingland and hoping something in the area would turn up.
Then the day I arrive Wryneck was on the cards.
With only a 5 minute walk to where the bird was seen I had every chance of seeing it but of cause it is never that simple.
4 visits before I connected but didn't mind due to the 5 minute journey and it showed very well. 

Monday, July 17, 2017


Firstly not a birding holiday but a relaxing family laid back one.
Plenty of new birds for me , in fact all new birds for me
Maybe two many photos on this blog but taken in sequence from a two week holiday and only had the camera in the hand every other day for about 1 hour 
 turkey vulture
 great tailed grackle every where
 great kidkadee

Mocking bird
 anhinga ( snake bird )

crested / double crested cormorant 

 orange oriole

 plain chachalaca

 black bellied plover

 ruddy turnstone
 turkey vulture seen every day 
 brown pelican

 laughing gull
 brown pelican juv maybe
 mocking bird seen daily
 Magnificent frigatebird seen daily
 royal tern seen daily

 social flycatcher
One of the laughing gulls from the picture below
  And finally on the last walk on the beach some grounded laughing gull with one adult

Sunday, March 5, 2017


It was a dull cloudy day but being local to Southend on a mid week job I thought i would pay a visit,On the drive along near Rossi ice cream parlour I spotted a adult med gull in all its glory . I drove on to gunners park where there was some wader action and more med gullls. Shame the light was so poor.


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