Wednesday, February 27, 2013

southend pier

I visited southend pier this afternoon for an hour 
with plenty of med gulls 
2 Guillemots
12 scoter
6 crested grebe
and 1 great northern diver

I wonder where this came from ?

just before I got on the train I see a great northern diver 
not a bad end to the visit

A few more pics of barn owl from the patch 
I probably see it every other day from my bedroom window

Monday, February 18, 2013

fudge duck and a bit of luck

 lucky or not when I arrived at priory cp bedford I was told the duck was showing from the hide the other side of the lake so of I went 15 mins later I was in the hide. I sat down had a quick look with my bins there it was . I picked up my camera I took 2 photos of it in the water and  it took flight to the other side of the lake where I was 15 mins earlier . Unlucky yes but a lucky flight shot as it passed. 

 I took this after I walked back round the lake but was more than happy with the flight shot

when I got home thought I would check the patch as I had barn owl the other morning from my bedroom window .

Saturday, February 9, 2013

bearded tit

Another great day taking photos of birds at close quarters
getting a bit spoilt of this lately
Hyde park , and a first for inner London , and a first for me to take photos of this cracking bird
When Shaun and myself arrived we were the only ones there
but it didn't take long and there was a constant flow of locals and birders
 passing and commenting on this entertaining birds
after taking another 200+ photos we went to see how the professionals do it at the natural history museum as Shaun had won 2 tickets for entering a photograph competition .  

Friday, February 1, 2013

Gulls !!!! Help !!!!

Amwell NR I have been there a 3 or 4 times in the last couple of weeks first for caspian twice failed then for glaucous gull scored then back for caspian probable fail 
Being a novice when it comes to gulls
and any birds actually 
when the Caspian gull was at amwell 
and was only seen feeding an hour before I arrived
I was in with a good chance of seeing it
But then I had to ID it
2 other birders was there and we all decided this was a good candidate
in-fact one of us felt he was sure
but it wasn't me 
comments welcome !

also this scaup  which was very nice 


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