Monday, February 18, 2013

fudge duck and a bit of luck

 lucky or not when I arrived at priory cp bedford I was told the duck was showing from the hide the other side of the lake so of I went 15 mins later I was in the hide. I sat down had a quick look with my bins there it was . I picked up my camera I took 2 photos of it in the water and  it took flight to the other side of the lake where I was 15 mins earlier . Unlucky yes but a lucky flight shot as it passed. 

 I took this after I walked back round the lake but was more than happy with the flight shot

when I got home thought I would check the patch as I had barn owl the other morning from my bedroom window .

1 comment:

Shaun harvey said...

Like the flight shot Martin and the Barn Owl on your garden list, well jel!


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