Monday, January 30, 2017

Great Grey Shrike and Waxwings

Whilst on a job at Hornchurch and Romford I jammed in two year ticks ,
The first being this cracking Great Grey Shrike from the Ingrebourne valley and a dozen Waxwings at A12 Romford which both gave great views.

This male Stonechat was still flitting about behind the garden fence in Northweald for three weeks but seems to of gone over the last few days .

We had a lot of cold foggy mornings in January. 

But also some nice cold sunny days .

Monday, January 9, 2017

stonechat garden mega

On Tuesday 3rd Jan I had a welcome visitor whilst looking out of the bedroom window. I see a distant bird and something wasn't normal .So I reached for my binoculars and sure enough a stonechat .I managed to fire off a few quick shots to document the record. Fortunately it returned later on that day but it was late and the light was getting dark.

After a few days I thought it would never return or hang around ,then at the weekend I spotted it again in the same place just over the garden fence and from the same bedroom window. 
 Not my best photos of a stonechat but who cares when you have a 1st patch/garden mega!


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