Saturday, October 30, 2010

glossy ibis

I had been waiting to see this bird all week and was well worth the wait . welney ,norfolk was the site it was in a field just off the road . I had great views about 20 yards .

after I went over our hide on the patch as we put out some feeders last weekend and was very pleased with the result .

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

bairds sandpiper

The chance of another north american wader on the list ,the bird had been seen all week at frinton on sea , holland haven cp . I was driving up the M11 and my idea was to see a wilsons phalarope at welney but I got a text to say the sandpiper was showing so decided to go for that ! When I arrived a local birder said it had flown about 1/2 hour ago but thought it would probably return and he was right tick 295 nearly club 300 . I also had a good view of a male peregrine in the fields behind the waders . I was told of a firecrest in some bushes near the car park whilst looking there was at least 20 goldcrest and i flushed at littleowl but no firecrest .
the chance of another tick was irresistible a wilsons phalarope was at welney , norfolk which I went for ,the bird flew half hour before I arrived brilliant .

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Just a couple of lifers to blog about 10 days ago myself , Jake and Shaun set out to Suffolk dunwich cliffs in hope of seeing a king eider and was not disappointed and today at abberton res ,Essex I managed after my 3rd attempt with a lot of help from other birders I see a semipalmated sandpiper lifer 294 . Whilst I was there I got on a pectoral sandpiper and had very good views .


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