Monday, July 17, 2017


Firstly not a birding holiday but a relaxing family laid back one.
Plenty of new birds for me , in fact all new birds for me
Maybe two many photos on this blog but taken in sequence from a two week holiday and only had the camera in the hand every other day for about 1 hour 
 turkey vulture
 great tailed grackle every where
 great kidkadee

Mocking bird
 anhinga ( snake bird )

crested / double crested cormorant 

 orange oriole

 plain chachalaca

 black bellied plover

 ruddy turnstone
 turkey vulture seen every day 
 brown pelican

 laughing gull
 brown pelican juv maybe
 mocking bird seen daily
 Magnificent frigatebird seen daily
 royal tern seen daily

 social flycatcher
One of the laughing gulls from the picture below
  And finally on the last walk on the beach some grounded laughing gull with one adult


Lee Brown said...

Lovely header shot Mart

Jonathan Lethbridge said...

Very nice Redsy, looks like a nice break.
PS your photo labelled as Blue-grey Gnatcatcher is a Mockingbird, not sure if Northern or Tropical.

martins birding said...

Thanks Both for your comments
I will edit that one cheers Jono


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